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Roof Replacement

Our Team will personally inspect your roof and assist you in determining whether your roof can be repaired or if you need a new roof. Our team has high standards and are experts in roof replacements. Our roofing company values our customer's satisfaction.

Roof Repairs

With 35+ years in the Atlanta area, Hewatt Roofing stands ready and able to correctly repair all of your shingle roofing problems. We have offer superior standards for roof repair and installation work.

Gutter Installation

Hewatt Roofing offers roofing customers reliable gutter system products and installation, protected by a warranty for craftsmanship and materials. We offer first-class workmanship and superior gutter system materials at a reasonable price.

Attic Ventilation

Our Hewatt Roofing technicians are experienced attic ventilation and roof vent equipment installers. Proper ventilation of the attic space is critical for maintaining the comfort and efficiency of your home.

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Our Hewatt roofing Team Members

Jerry Hewatt


Jerry Hewatt, with over 49 years in the roofing industry, started the company in 1997. Hewatt Roofing will locate and explain the problem and solution, and provide you with a written cost estimate, a list of recent local references, and quality assurance resources that include samples of materials.

Pam hewatt


Chris earls

Project Manager & Sales

Chris Earls is an insurance claims specialist for Hewatt Roofing and was Haag Certified in 2019. Chris has been able to get several homeowners approved after they were first denied by their homeowners insurance company. In roofing and insurance industries, the phrase “Haag Certified” carries a lot of weight. It indicates that you can effectively and efficiently inspect and assess damage. Your report conclusions have a deeper level of credibility: your Certification training could serve as the extra authority you need if you ever find yourself at odds with another’s findings. This brings value that other roof inspectors lack and another reason to choose Hewatt Roofing when thinking of filing an insurance claim. Chris was able to gain skills and knowledge that other roofing inspectors lack by passing this vigorous course developed and taught by practicing forensic engineers.

Shane HewAtt

Jessica Hewatt
Insurance specialist

our crew


Customer satisfaction is a trademark of Hewatt Roofing. Shane Hewatt, with 11 years of experience working at Hewatt Roofing, expressed it well when he said,

“We take pride in our work. We are willing to put our name on the line to satisfy every customer as if they were a friend or family member. Each customer is treated the way we would want to be treated and is given the respect they deserve as our customer. As a Christian company, we endeavor to be honest and trustworthy.”

Hewatt Roofing is a Gainesville and metro Atlanta area roofing company with superior standards for materials and roofing repair and installation workmanship, offering a 5-year warranty on workmanship, and a 30-year warranty on materials, with a lifetime warranty upgrade available.

Don’t have work done on your roof until you’ve spoken with this Northern Georgia roofing company!

If you are in the Gainesville and metro Atlanta area and would like to set up your FREE consultation with Hewatt Roofing, contact the company office at 770-297-3585, visit our Contact Us page, or send an email to jessica@hewattroofing.com. We hope to hear from you today!

Hewatt Roofing company is your Gainesville and Atlanta roofing company.  Atlanta roof repair specialists, serving the Gainesville, metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas.