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All of North Georgia. From Atlanta to Clayton.

*We offer services within a 60 mile radius of Gwinnett County.

We are open Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.

We are also avaliable on saturdays and sundays for emergency services & appointments. 

You can call us at (770)297-3585 or visit us online at or you can find us on Facebook at @hewattroofing1.

It’s recommended to have a new roof inspected after the first five years, then at 10 years and every year after that. It’s also a great idea to schedule inspections after strong storms that bring strong winds and hail. 

Yes, Hewatt Roofing offers customers reliable gutter system products and installation, protected by warranty for craftsmanship and materials. We offer first-classs workmanship and superior gutter system materials at a reasonable price. 

Quality over quantity. We have been providing quality roofing workmanship for 40 years. We treat every customer the way we would want to be treated and stand behind all of our work with warranties. 

Call us for a free inspections and we will give you an honest answer. 

*Curled shingles, discolorations and age are all signs you need an inspection to get an honest answer about your roof. 

A leak often means you waited too long to get your roof inspected. Scheduling a free annual inspection can help identify these problems before the leak begins and protect your dwelling from future problems. 

At Hewatt Roofing, we offer free inspections which saves you time and money.

We will also inspect the roof from the inside of your home, looking for: Sagging decking between rafters and joists, mold formation on the underside of the roof, or at valleys where roof planes intersect, dark spots near roof penetrations and water stains. We look for standing water, wt, stained or deteriorated insulation spouts.

*When Hewatt Roofing inspects your roof, you can expect to receive a detailed and honest inspection. We are going to inspect all areas of the home to insure that your homes protected and all issues are identified before we leave. We’ll also identify any storm related damage and help you file a claim with your insurance company to get the damage covered. 

We have found that flashing problems are one of the main causes of roof failure among Atlanta and Gainesville residents. This is promarily caused by inferior workmanship on installation, storm damage, use of substandard flashing materials, or debris accumulation. Hewatt roofing has extensive experience in the repair of damaged and loose flashing, which will prevent further deck deterioration and roof leak damage. 

Hewatt Roofing was founded in 1997 by Jerry Hewatt. Jerry has over 40 years of roofing ecperience and has served the Atlanta area for 22 years. 

Our Hewatt Roofing technicians are experience attic ventilation and roof vent equipment installers. Proper ventilation of attic space is critical for maintaining the comfort and efficiency of your home. 

One strong advantage to doing a complete tear-off is that we will be able to see the condition of the whole roof deck surface as well as the condition of the flashing and roof deck penetrations. 

If your home is damaged from water, Hewatt can assist if the damage was caused by the roof. 

Hewatt Roofing can assist in investigating the original claim to insure that insurance did their due diligence. We can also reach out to your company and assist in getting you the roof you deserve. 

Yes, storms can affect the age of your roof. Hail, wind and other weather related factors can cause issues to your roof that could eventually cause leaks inside your home. 

At Hewatt Roofing we have done over 10,000 projects.

Older roofs are more susceptible to damage due to age can causse the shingles to be more brittle. Hewatt Roofing can provide a free inspection to insure that when storms do come to your home, it is protected.