Your gutter system is an extension of your roof and needs to be flushed and cleaned periodically to prevent costly repairs.

Ever have one of those days when you just can’t wait to get home and flop on the couch, throw your head back and relax only to see a water spot on the ceiling?!! Your day just got worse my friend, but how much worse? The situation could have been avoided by simply cleaning your gutters? We are going to look at ways to prep your gutters and downspouts through the eyes of a roofing company near Alpharetta, Georgia.

Clear the Debris

This is usually done twice a year during foliage activity, namely spring and fall. Leaves, twigs, and debris end up in your gutters which blocks the flow of water during a rain storm. You’ll need to manually remove the debris from the gutters before flushing them out. Making a habit of checking after storms etc is always a good idea, if you keep up on the maintenance it can be an easier job. Occasionally you may find a birds nest in your gutter system. It’s recommended that you reach out to the Audubon Society to assist with the proper placement of the birds, you can contact them at www.georgiaaudubon.org

Repairing Clogs and Leaks

Blockages need to be cleared and a good flow of water should follow the system all the way through to the end. After making sure they are clear from debris you then need to check for any holes or damage. Repair the holes with silicone and test again to make sure the water flows as it should. If you find you have a clog it is better to start clearing from the bottom by manually removing debris until clear. 

Contact a Professional

Contacting a professional roofer in the Alpharetta, Georgia area may be something to consider. Gutters and downspouts are an extension of your roofing system and are for the protection of your exterior and interior. When the debris is cleaned out of the gutter system water runoff can escape through the system efficiently. When that system is compromised damage may occur, real damage, expensive damage. Did you know that neglecting your gutter system can cause foundational damage? That could mean a lot of money for repairs, repairs that could have been avoided with proper maintenance. Professional cleaning can eliminate further damage not to mention eliminating the stress of having to climb on the roof. 

Now that we’ve looked at ways to prepare your roofing system this fall, contact us today at hewattroofing.com and we would be happy to assist you with cleaning or upgrading your gutter system today.