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Hewatt Roofing — your leading Atlanta metro and Gainesville roofing company — performs to the highest standards of roof repair work, with a solid reputation of reliability and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Jerry Hewatt has 35 years of experience in performing roof repairs and installing new fiberglass shingle roofs. As members of the National Roofing Contractors Association, we offer superior quality materials and expert workmanship to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.In our roofing experience in and around the Atlanta area, we have found that the most common location for roof leaks is at roof transition points, such as dormers, chimneys, valleys, pipe penetrations, and roof vents. The leak is often caused by a flashing failure due to poor installation, poor or worn flashing materials, storm damage, or debris. Typically, replacing or reinstalling the flashing will fix the leak. A second cause of roof leaks is simply the age of the roof.  Atlanta and Northern Georgia’s inclement weather patterns tend to wear roofs faster than other parts of the country.  Other causes include faulty installation of roofing materials, and accumulation of debris and foliage. One additional cause of roof leaks is related to the pitch, or slope, of the roof. Slow moving water can easily flow underneath shingles on a low pitched roof.

Our first step in correcting roof leak problems is to complete an inspection of the roof. Inspection to determine if roof repair is needed should be done both outside and inside.

When Hewatt Roofing performs an outside inspection of your Gainesville or Atlanta roof, we look for the following signs of roof damage: damaged flashing or missing shingles due to age, improper installation, or storm damage from heavy winds or hail; algae growth from airborne algae; blistering shingles from moisture trapped in the shingle; and buckling caused by damaged deck sheathing or improperly installed felt.

When performing an inside inspection, we look for: sagging decking between rafters and joists; mold formation on the underside of the roof, at valleys where roof planes intersect, or at vent and chimney penetrations. These may be places where the flashing has shifted or deteriorated. Evidence of leaks and roof failure may be identified by water stains, standing water, or dark spots near roof penetrations. Wet, stained or deteriorated insulation are signs of a roof leak as well.

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Roof leak repair by Hewatt Roofing Company -- Gainesville Roofing Contractors 


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