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Gainesville GA Tear-Off & Re-Roof Roofing Services

Jerry Hewatt of Atlanta and Gainesville roofing company Hewatt Roofing is an expert when it comes to inspecting and diagnosing roof problems. Regular roof maintenance, early problem detection, and prompt repair are the three best preventative measures for maintaining the integrity of your roofing system.Most homeowners know that tearing off an old roof down to the deck sheathing and a re-roof is a normal occurrence in the life of a home – but it may not be the ideal way to spend your money! That is why our first goal is to evaluate your roofing problem, and find out if your roof can be repaired. With 35 years of roofing and roof repair experience, Jerry Hewatt will personally inspect your roof and assist you in determining whether your roof can be repaired or you need a new roof.

Can your roof be repaired or do you need a new roof (re-roof)?
We will visit your Atlanta metro or Gainesville home to conduct a free inspection, and consult with you as we consider the following factors to determine if you need a new roof:

How old is the roof?
The age of the roof may be difficult to determine as some young roofs have aged faster than normal, due to poor materials and workmanship. Consult your homeowner records to verify the age of the roof.

What is the condition of the deck sheathing?
Evidence of widespread decking deterioration and rotting is a serious sign that may indicate the roof is irreparable.

Are there many leaks in the roof?
An interior inspection will reveal whether the roof is leaking in a limited area or in many places.

What condition are the shingles in?
When the granule loss is significant, and the shingles are curling or buckling, the shingles will not reseal, and it may be time for a full roof replacement.

In the event you determine a new roof is required for your Atlanta metro or Gainesville area home, you may question if a complete tear-off is needed, or if you can simply re-roof over your existing shingles. One strong advantage to doing a complete tear-off is that we will be able to see the condition of the whole roof deck surface as well as the condition of the flashing and roof deck penetrations.

Material Selection
Hewatt Roofing offers a full selection of roofing products including CertainTeed Landmark, with a 30-year warranty and a 5-year SureStart™ warranty; GAF Roofing shingles — Lifetime Designer Shingles and Timberline Architectural shingles; The Roofing Collection — American Shingles’ Roofing Shingles; low-profile Cobra Ridge Vent; and Shingle-Mate Roof Deck Protection by GAF.

At Hewatt Roofing, our goal is that you be completely satisfied with our work on your roof. We offer expert workmanship and superior roofing materials at an affordable price. To set up an appointment for a free consultation with Hewatt Roofing for tear-off and re-roofing, visit our Contact Us page and call us today at 770-297-3585, or contact us by email at HewattGroup@BellSouth.net.

Hewatt Roofing company is your Gainesville and Atlanta roofing company.  Atlanta roof repair specialists, serving the Gainesville, metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas.

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