Cicadas…a swarm of insects with an obnoxious sound that leaves shovels full of clean up behind!

Dealing with pandemics and plagues seems to be the norm the last two years. Harsh weather of any kind, cold wet weather or hot blazing sun, can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home which if left untreated can cause immeasurable damage inside. This year we add a swarm of insects with an obnoxious sound that leaves shovels full of clean up behind!


The Invasion of the Cicadas

We have waited so long for summer and it’s almost officially here and so are the cicadas!! With them only emerging every 17 years we may need a refresher on our visitors, after all, their coming whether we want them or not. Cicadas live in the ground and feed off trees for 17 years. When they emerge, it’s for one reason only! They are looking for the love of their life. Literally,
the love of their life, because they will spend about two weeks on their honeymoon and die!. I know it sounds like something from the I.D. channel, but this is what happens!! They emerge when the earth is warm enough and begin to break out into a high pitched song to lure their mate. There are benefits from these alien sounding critters. They aerate the soil, feed birds and
other predatory animals, and their carcasses provide nitrogen for the trees.

Damage Control

When the plight of the cicada is over, their remains will be everywhere. The carcass that is left behind is brittle and sharp. It is a good idea to check your roof and gutters to see if there is an accumulation. Those tough exteriors don’t break down as easily as you would think. They may
collect and clog your drainage system extending from your gutters. Be sure to check for any buildup from the cicadas and other natural debris. Keeping your gutters clean and clear is paramount to a drainage system that will protect your home and property. If you notice any
areas of your gutter system that are in need of repair, call on Hewatt Roofing, the #1 roofing company in Gainesville, Ga. to make those repairs and perform a roof inspection at the same time.

Looking For Water

When working in the yard, be conscious of areas where water may be pooling around your home. If you see an accumulation of mud in certain areas around the perimeter of your home, grass that is washed out and near your driveway and walkways, you may want to have the #1 roofing company in Gainesville, Ga. to come out to do an inspection. Your gutter system is primarily to move water away from the roof and foundation of the home. It is an intricate system with many parts. If one or more aren’t working properly, it could result in unnecessary water damage to your property and home.


You work hard and should be able to enjoy your home. With all the tasks life throws at you let us help you with one less thing on your plate.  Hewatt Roofing is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Gainesville and the surrounding areas for over 49 years. We treat our customers like family. We believe that every job, no matter how big or small, deserves the same attention to detail. Let Hewatt Roofing take the worry out of your roofing and gutter systems with an inspection today.